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SIH Work Care offers diagnostic laboratory and radiology services, including x-rays, blood tests, urine tests and hair follicle testing. Commonly used as part of our drug testing or injury prevention programs, our x-ray and lab teams work with employers to help them maintain safe and healthy workplaces.

Radiology Tests (X-Rays)

An x-ray is a common type of medical imaging used by our Work Care providers to diagnose an injury, monitor recovery, or screen for disease. During an x-ray procedure, a machine scans your body and captures images of the tissues, organs and bones.

Before the Test

Depending on the nature of the x-ray test, your physician may specify requirements to prepare before your scheduled appointment. Generally, though, you just need to inform your doctor if you are pregnant or have an IUD. Regular food, drinks and medication are fine before and after the exam. Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes and avoid wearing jewelry or any other metals.

During the Test

You may need to change into a gown and wear a lead apron for the procedure. You will need to remove any metals, including jewelry, eyeglasses and hairpins. In some cases, you may also need to remove hearing aids and dental devices.

Once you are ready to begin, the technician will position you on the table in a way that allows them to capture the images they need for evaluation. They may use pillows or other props to support you during the scan. You need to remain very still and may also be asked to hold your breath for a second or two to help obtain clear images. Bone tests usually take a few minutes. More involved tests can take longer.

After the Test

Following the procedure, a physician analyzes your results for diagnostics. Your results get sent to your employer, and in some cases, your family doctor.

Chest X-Rays

Chest x-rays are often required for pre-employment screening and annual screening for employees who use respirators. This screening aligns with OHSA Regulations. Chest x-rays help diagnose an injury, monitor recovery, or screen for disease.

Learn more about employee evaluations for OHSA compliance.

Laboratory Tests

Work Care providers perform routine and specialty lab testing for individuals referred to us as a requirement for their job. Results for routine tests are usually available within 24 hours of testing. Your results get sent to your employer, and in some cases, your family doctor.

Standard lab tests we offer include:

  • Blood draw for drug testing or detecting medical conditions
  • Urinalysis for urine drug screening or detecting medical conditions
  • Hair follicle testing for substance tracing

Request an Appointment

To schedule an appointment or learn more about laboratory and radiology services, contact SIH Work Care at 618-993-3817.