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Engaging employees in regular or ongoing health challenges is an excellent enhancement to any workplace wellness program. Work Care providers help employers implement wellness initiatives like health coaching and challenges to support a safe, healthy and productive work environment. These challenges help encourage employees to adopt healthy habits around nutrition, mental health and stress management.

The link between stress and health in the development of common health problems is widely cited by researchers and medical professionals. The physical effects of stress can lead to issues with weight management, substance abuse and mental health. Health challenges are a fun way for an employer to support their employees in adopting and maintaining healthy habits, reducing stress levels that lead to health issues.

Creating a Health Challenge

Anyone in the organization can create a challenge. Challenges can vary in duration, but weekly or monthly are excellent timeframes to establish consistency. Challenges can include nutrition, exercise, weight loss goals, or even mental health exercises. Setting goals and offering rewards can incentivize team members to participate.

Work Care providers can assist in developing health challenges by providing ideas and supporting staff through health coaching along the way. These challenges are a great way to keep employees engaged while reducing absenteeism and costs associated with health benefits.

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